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New low lift pallet trucks by UniCarriers: Safe and comfortable loading and unloading

Written by UniCarriers, 2-dec-2020 12:00:00


Models PLF, PLR and PLS

UniCarriers introduces three new low lift pallet truck models with a special focus on ergonomics and a multitude of customisation options. The globally active manufacturer of industrial trucks now offers the PLF, PLR and PLS models in three distinct lengths and with two different load capacities. The trucks were designed to ease up loading and unloading, cross-docking, internal transports and order picking processes. Thanks to the patented TDS concept, the models also achieve high performance in sub-zero temperatures and other challenging conditions. Long service intervals result in low total costs of operation and maximum uptime.

Where goods are loaded, picked and transported, safety and efficiency often conflict with each other. The new UniCarriers low lift pallet trucks are designed to ensure fast and safe working at the same time. This is where the PLF model’s Side Protection Bars (SPB) and the driver protected platform from the PLR and PLS help to guarantee safety even when driving at higher speeds. The new pallet truck models reach maximum speeds of 10 to 12.5 km/h, depending on the chosen steering type. The models are available with a load capacity between 2,000 and 2,500 kg and in “Mini”, “Junior” or “Senior” chassis lengths. Users can choose between lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries. Furthermore, as an alternative to the standard lift-out batteries, battery rollers can be selected as an option to speed up battery change in multi-shift operations.

The many repetitive movements when operating a pallet truck can have a negative effect on employees’ health in the long term. UniCarriers prevents this with a variety of ergonomic features such as a low vehicle entry and ergonomically shaped tiller heads. They allow employees to operate the vehicle safely with easily accessible controls. In addition, the folding platform of the PLF model and the driver protection platforms with side and rear entrances of the PLS and PLR offer a high degree of damping, which can also be individually adjusted for better comfort while driving.

TDS concept guarantees high performance without safety risk

The aim of UniCarriers’ patented TDS concept is maximum traction, damping and stability. Even on wet and uneven surfaces, the braking distance remains short and high driving speeds are possible without the wheels spinning, no matter how heavily the pallet truck is loaded. Specially developed castor wheels combined with the damping effect of the traction wheel minimize impact vibrations. The asymmetrical positioning of the castor wheels extends the damping, as not all wheels are hit simultaneously in the event of an impact. At the same time, the design of the castor wheels combines damping with good side stability. Therefore, even fully loaded pallet trucks can be driven around corners without loss of performance. Thanks to easily accessible maintenance parts and long service intervals, the new models ensure maximum uptime and low total costs of operation.

For more detailed information about the new pallet trucks, please visit UniCarriers’ website.

Date: November 23rd 2020
Length: 3,080 characters with spaces
Images: 3, Source: UniCarriers

Picture captions
Image 1: The PLF model of the new power pallet truck series comes with a foldable platform perfectly suited for loading docks.
Image 2: The PLR is UniCarriers’ new rear entry model with an electrically adjustable dampened platform for intense loading and unloading tasks.
Image 3: The Side entry model PLS with an electrically adjustable dampened platform is the optimal solution for various applications where driver safety is key – such as order picking.

About UniCarriers
UniCarriers is a brand of MLE B.V.. This group designs, manufactures, sells and distributes a comprehensive range of high-quality and innovative IC and electric counterbalance forklifts, warehouse equipment and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Its versatile, customisable transport solutions for logistics and warehouses are produced at the global group’s production facilities in Sweden and Spain. Its products are sold at specialist retailers or directly to end customers by an experienced team of sales experts. Its main customers are in the automotive, construction, food, logistics and pharmaceuticals sectors, heavy industry and the processing industry.

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Danique Folkerts • Logisnext Netherlands B.V.
Fleminglaan 5 • 2289 CP Rijswijk • The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 6 533 357 76

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Marion Ziegler • additiv pr GmbH & Co. KG
Media relations for logistics, steel, industrial goods and IT
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