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UniCarriers wins Materials Handling Equipment Provider of the Year

Written by UniCarriers, Sep 24, 2018 2:37:23 PM


Second victory in a row: As in the previous year, UniCarriers was able to prevail against the competition at the Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution (TCS&D) Awards. The company received the award in the Materials Handling Equipment Provider of the Year category.

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Award sponsor UniCarriers supplies electric counterbalance trucks for final round

Written by UniCarriers, Jun 20, 2018 12:56:27 PM


Who will be the UK's Forklift Operator of the Year 2018? An eighteen-person expert jury is set to make the difficult decision at the Talents in Logistics conference at the Telford International Centre on 21 June 2018. Before the winner is chosen, finalists will need to put their skills to the test on UniCarriers trucks. The international industrial trucks manufacturer is supplying the latest generation TX3 electric counterbalance trucks for the event. It is now the second year running that UniCarriers is providing support for Forklift Operator of the Year in its capacity as the award sponsor.

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Change of leadership at UniCarriers Europe

Written by UniCarriers, Jun 20, 2018 12:38:34 PM


Change in management at UniCarriers Europe AB, based in the Swedish town of Mölnlycke: Masashi Takamatsu has been responsible for the international truck manufacturer's Europe-wide business as the new President since 1 May 2018. In his role, he is focusing on strengthening the UniCarriers and TCM brands, which will be further developed under the umbrella of UniCarriers’ new owner Mitsubishi Logisnext. Masashi Takamatsu takes over the position from Nobuo Yo, who returns to Japan as Head of the Overseas Sales Division of the company.

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UniCarriers TX3 electric counterbalance truck receives Red Dot Award

Written by UniCarriers, Apr 20, 2018 11:41:46 AM


Outstanding product design

The new UniCarriers TX3 electric counterbalance truck stands out in all things design. The Red Dot Award jury of some 40 industry experts has noticed this too. They have awarded the truck the internationally recognised seal of quality in the category Product Design. The jury's decision is based on a comprehensive assessment process in which the TX3 made a winning impression, thanks to its ProVision concept that ensures optimal, all-round visibility. The award will be officially presented on 9 July 2018 during the Red Dot Gala at the Aalto Theatre in Essen, Germany.

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Efficient control using joystick

Written by UniCarriers, Apr 18, 2018 11:45:57 AM


Efficient control using joystick

UniCarriers is subjecting the control functions on its counterbalance trucks to an ergonomic redesign. The TX will be the first model available with the time-tested Ergologic joystick from May 2018. This joystick complements the existing control options – fingertip controls, mono lever controls and mechanical levers – to provide a fourth alternative for hydraulic control. Ergologic is designed to the highest Ergonomic standards and will be offered on all vehicles in the counterbalance portfolio in the future. Drivers can use the joystick to operate all hydraulic functions of the forklift with minimal effort. UniCarriers thus significantly improves ergonomic design in its counterbalance trucks.

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Electric counterbalance truck faces endurance test

Written by UniCarriers, Mar 23, 2018 12:39:15 PM


Unicarriers PR Test TX3 Image 1.jpg

UniCarriers TX Counterbalance

In May 2017, UniCarriers added ten new models of the TX series to its counterbalance family.  Theo Egberts from Andersom Testing has now investigated whether the electric vehicles really deliver what they promise.  The renowned forklift truck expert carries out the IFOY tests on the nominated trucks annually.  The TX was scored on the basis of the same standardised criteria.

Text and photos from the following report by Theo Egberts, Andersom Testing

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UniCarriers Spain under new leadership

Written by UniCarriers, Nov 17, 2017 2:12:35 PM


Iñigo Gomariz Díaz succeeds Miguel Angel Ruiz

As from 1 November 2017, Iñigo Gomariz Díaz takes charge at Pamplona-based UniCarriers Manufacturing Spain S.A. As Vice President, he will be responsible for the location's strategic further development. His duties also include managing the Spanish production plant. Iñigo Gomariz Díaz is taking over from Miguel Angel Ruiz, who is retiring after over 40 years working for the forklift manufacturer.

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UniCarriers extends TERGO product family with UHD 160

Written by UniCarriers, Sep 11, 2017 2:18:22 PM


For intensive use in logistics and industry

An additional product has been added to the ergonomic TERGO reach truck series from UniCarriers: the TERGO UHD 160 has formed part of the product family since April 2017 with its load capacity of 1.6 t and maximum lift height of 10.8 m. Wit h this vehicle, UniCarriers is primarily focusing on logistics and industry operations which need to manage high handling capacities and access great stack heights. The numerous safety features on the UHD 160 ensure maximum stability for the vehicle and mast as they manoeuvre.

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UniCarriers electric TX series has ten new models

Written by UniCarriers, May 2, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Product offensive in the counterbalance segment

UniCarriers has revised its product family of three and four-wheeled electric counterbalance forklift trucks: from May 2017, there will be a total of ten new TX models available with maximum lift capacities from 1.25 to 2 tonnes. The series is characterised by high energy efficiency. With energy consumption of 4.2kWh/h, TX is one of the most economical electric counterbalance trucks currently on the market. Additionally, the new TX models boast many safety and ergonomic features.

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UniCarriers develops ergonomic alternative to dead man's switch

Written by UniCarriers, Apr 11, 2017 3:45:46 PM

UniCarriers has developed the new Driver Presence Sensor® (DPS) – an ergonomic alternative to the dead man’s switch on order picking trucks.  

The DPS covers the truck’s entire working platform – improving both operator ergonomics and safety. Trucks are activated ready to operate as soon as the sensor technology detects the driver's presence based on their weight. 20kg will activate the truck, consequently there is no longer a need for a dead man's switch with a fixed position, which limits the machine driver's freedom of movement. This new technology is fitted to models in the new EP generation of UniCarriers order pickers.

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