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Forklift costs: Which cost should you focus on?

Written by Bengt Kristiansson, 2019-05-16

TCO graphic for blog

When purchasing new forklift trucks, it's tempting to get caught up comparing different options on the purchase price alone. The graphic above should hopefully show you why that's not the best option. 

When you invest new machines, you can reasonably expect them to provide good, reliable operation for a number of years. During that time you own the trucks, they are costing you money - and in the end, this cost is much higher than the original purchase cost. In fact, it makes up a whole 90% of the truck's total cost of ownership over its lifetime.

By going to different suppliers, it's likely you'll find some differences in the purchase price. However, factors like the truck's reliability, performance, ergonomic and safety value and the supplier's service and spare parts operation will have a much bigger effect on your long term costs.

Are you planning a forklift purchase in the near future? The buying process can be hard to navigate, but our free guide, The total cost of owning a truck, and what affects it, makes it clearer and advises you which details you should focus on. Just click the button below and complete the short form on the next page, and the guide is yours.

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Topics: Cost reduction

Bengt Kristiansson

UniCarriers Europe Senior Advisor Sales & Marketing



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