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Andrew Murray

National Accounts Manager

Latest articles

The risks of cold store truck operation

Written by Andrew Murray, 2019-11-29

Winter has well and truly arrived, and it's time to wrap up warm, switch the heating on and start scraping the car in the mornings.

But when the temperature drops below zero, spare a thought for forklift operators working in cold stores — where temperatures can be as low as -35°C all year round.

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How to keep forklifts running smoothly in cold store operations

Written by Andrew Murray, 2018-07-12

Cold store operations are one of the toughest material handling challenges. Not only do the sub-zero temperatures affect your trucks’ battery capacity, electronics, lubrication, bodywork and drivers’ ability to operate the truck, the need for high storage density can reduce selectivity and throughput.

However, there are solutions which make it possible to operate trucks reliably, efficiently and safely in these extreme environments.

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