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Forklift training: Investing money to save money

Written by Lennart Lövdahl, 2019-10-07


Many managers in materials handling operations would admit that their staff could benefit from training - even for experienced drivers, getting a refresher in the basics and learning more about laws and safety rules that affect drivers.

However, budgets can often be tight, and it's easy for training to drop down the list of priorities - especially when there are more pressing challenges to address in the operation.

This is understandable, but training shouldn't be seen as just another expense. In the long-run, having well-trained drivers with the right attitude can actually end up saving you significant amounts.

Drivers who receive high-quality training will often be able to operate quicker, driving their truck more efficiently and ensuring that no movement of the truck goes to waste. This means that you get the same job done more quickly, which can be a huge benefit in a busy workplace.

Trained drivers, both by learning more about driving techniques and the importance of safe operation, will also cause less damage to trucks, racking, pallets and goods — bringing down what is often a big cost for many operations. Bumps and scrapes to trucks and warehouse equipment may not seem like a big deal in the moment, but over time these can lead to more frequent and costly maintenance visits, and downtime while trucks are being repaired.

Perhaps most importantly, forklift training courses often focus heavily on safety, both in terms of safe driving but also making the most of ergonomic truck features that can reduce driver strain injuries. Creating a culture of safety in your operation isn't easy, but it can dramatically reduce costs by reducing staff absences and fines that can be charged for breaking safety regulations. For the drivers and warehouse staff, safety can literally be a matter of life and death - and you can't put a price on that. 

To find out more about why it's worth investing in training, click the button below to get our free guide, 5 things people say about forklift training - and why they're wrong. You'll see the most common reasons that people give for not investing in training, and the arguments you need to convince them. Happy reading!

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Topics: Training

Lennart Lövdahl

Asset Controller / Contract Manager



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