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5 things people say about forklift training (and why they’re wrong)

Written by Lennart Lövdahl, 2019-03-21

Proper forklift training can achieve things that every warehouse manager wants – increased safety, better employee satisfaction and retention, and heightened productivity, amongst many other things. However, good training comes at a price, and involves taking time out of the working day, so there’s often people in an organization who refuse to prioritise it.

If you’re considering offering training to staff but are facing opposition, you probably hear some common arguments, like:

"We can't afford it"
"It takes too much time out of the day"
"We haven't had any accidents, so we're safe enough already"

If you want to increase competence in your materials handling operation and you're facing this kind of opposition, click the button below to get our guide 5 things people say about forklift training (and why they're wrong).

Get the free guide

You'll find out why forklift training is a valuable use of resources, and get some good counterarguments to use in the workplace when you're trying to convince key decision-makers.

Topics: Guides Training

Lennart Lövdahl

Manager, UniCarriers Competence and Training Centre



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