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How to choose the perfect order picking truck for your warehouse

Written by Jonas Tornerefelt, 2019-12-17

O Range adjusting steering wheel

Order picking is a demanding process, and with the continuing rise of eCommerce, it's becoming a bigger and bigger part of the logistics chain. 

Compared to other materials handling processes, it's also very expensive. To illustrate this, we can look at the costs of handling goods in different parts of the materials handling process. If we estimate that the cost of unloading 1000kg of goods from a transport is around €1 to €2, and the cost of placing the same quantity of goods into storage is around €3 to €5, then the cost of picking 1000kg of goods can range from €30 to €100, simply due to the amount of labour involved. That's why if you want to reduce your operation's costs and boost efficiency, focusing on improving your order picking is a smart solution.

Here, choosing the right kind of truck is vital. The amount of variation available in order picking trucks is huge, simply because making small changes to make a single repetitive operation quicker and easier can reap big benefits in the long-term. But what kind of order picking truck do you need?

If you click the blue button below, you'll find out. By filling in the form on the next page, you'll get access to our guide, How to choose the perfect forklift truck for your warehouse. It'll show you the different basic kinds of order picking trucks available currently on the market, and explain the strengths of each one in different types of order picking.

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Jonas Tornerefelt

Vice President Products, Marketing, Sales & Services



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