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The benefits of a bespoke materials handling solution

Written by Matthew Geddes, 2020-01-29

O Range adjusting steering wheel-1

There is no such thing as an ‘off the shelf’ forklift. Instead, the buying process involves speaking with a representative from your supplier, analysing your operation and business needs with them, and agreeing on a suitable solution. While this may take time, the result is well worth it – you get exactly the right truck, perfectly suited to your operation.

Take order pickers, for example. It may seem like order pickers are the same regardless of brand, as long as they reach the right height. In fact, it’s vital that these trucks are specially adapted to the needs of your operation. Order picking is the most expensive part of the entire handling chain, so here it’s vital that your machine is adapted to the kinds of goods you pick, the storage systems you work with, and the needs of your drivers. Even seemingly small factors like the placement of controls in the driver’s cabin can have big knock-on effects on the ergonomics of the working environment and the speed at which your pickers can work.

When looking at a supplier’s truck portfolio, the products in the brochures and on the website may not be the same as the truck that rolls off the production line after your order has been placed.

Every business has struggles with certain materials handling operations, but small bespoke adjustments to a truck’s design can make all the difference – parts like masts, forks, cabs, cameras and tyres can all be hand-picked to suit your operation, and even the truck’s performance can be adjusted to help you in your daily work.

170217 - UniCarriers UK Ltd - Britvic Case Study 11

For example, if your operation involves the transport of loads over long distances, adding longer forks and a higher speed would allow you to move more loads over the course of a shift, compared with a standard truck.

The process of assessing an operation to discover the adjustments that need to be made to the materials handling operation doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a vital step if you want to make the operation as efficient and productive as it can be.

Interested in finding out how this could benefit your business? Click here to get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, click the button below to get our free guide Improving driver safety and productivity in the warehouse. It’ll show you how small adjustments to equipment in a materials handling operation can reap big rewards in the long term.

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Topics: Bespoke solutions

Matthew Geddes

Senior Sales Executive



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