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The cost of owning a forklift: What makes it up, and how to reduce it

Written by Per-Erik Mogren, 2018-10-18


When procuring new forklift trucks, it may be tempting to go for the machine with the lowest purchase price.

However, trying to get the most for your money based on this single cost is the wrong approach. The truck's sticker price is one thing, but a much bigger share of the costs that will come with your forklift during the time you own it come after the purchase, during its operation.

Service, ergonomics, training - factors like these (and many others) will have an affect on your costs, and to forget all of these important elements when it's time to bring on a new truck could cost you money.

To make things easier, we've made a guide showing the elements that make up the total cost of truck ownership, and what can be done to help bring this cost down.

If you're interested in saving your company money, click the button below - once you give us a few basic details, you'll be able to download the PowerPoint guide.

Get the guide to forklift costs

This post originally appeared on the Swedish Material Handling Blog. If you're a Swedish speaker, subscribe to the blog to get updates when new posts are published.

Topics: Financing Cost reduction

Per-Erik Mogren

Asset Director Scandinavia, Driver School & Training Manager



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