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The warehouse building: Five small things that can make a big difference

Written by Paul Boynton, 2017-06-05


As we know, one small part of a logistics operation can have knock-on effects in other areas - and by improving and optimising these areas, you can increase productivity and efficiency with relatively little effort.

However, when considering your operation in this way, it's easy to focus entirely on the big things — the machines in your truck fleet, the design of your warehouse, and whether goods flows are optimised.

It's vital to think about these things, and the biggest impacts to your operation can probably be made here. But that doesn't mean that the details should be forgotten. When improving an existing warehouse, or building an entirely new one, some less obvious factors can actually impact your efficiency and bottom line quite considerably. These kinds of factors include:

  • The floor - Is it good quality and flat enough to ensure the best possible stability and safety?
  • The lighting - Could the glare from certain types of lighting affect drivers negatively?
  • The doors - If you have doors in your warehouse, are they of the right type to ensure the best safety levels and use of space?

For more details and answers to these questions, click the button below to get our free guide, The warehouse building: Five areas where you can make improvements.

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Topics: Guides Warehousing

Paul Boynton

Group Product Manager VNA & Logistics Analyser



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