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7 reasons why forklift leasing could be the perfect choice for your business

Written by Ian McNaught, 2017-09-19


If you’re looking to get a new forklift truck which will provide you with years of reliable service, rather than just a short-term hire forklift to help you deal with periods of high demand, your first thought may be to purchase one outright.

However, leasing a forklift - whether it’s a reach truck, a pallet truck, or a counterbalance - can bring many of the same benefits as full ownership, while also offering you many significant advantages of its own.

It may be a good feeling to know that the shiny new truck on the warehouse floor is 100% yours - but if you lease a forklift, you can reduce or even get rid of the headaches that often come with ownership, which can include unexpected costs, unreliable service and naturally tied-up capital.

Ian McNaught, our Group Leasing Controller, knows all the finer details of forklift leasing. He’s explained the main benefits in a free guide - so if you’re interested in finding out:

  • How leasing can help make your costs more predictable
  • The benefits you could see in service and maintenance when you lease from a good supplier
  • How saving capital by leasing could improve the finances for your whole company

...Then you should click the blue button below to get the free guide - once you have filled out the form on the next page, you will be able to read, save and share the guide. Hopefully it will give you a good insight into how a quality leasing supplier can make your life easier.

Get the '7 reasons to choose leasing' guide

Topics: Rental Finance

Ian McNaught

Group Controller – Leasing, Internal Control & JSOX



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