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How an ergonomic forklift can improve your warehouse operations

Written by Tobias W. Laxa, 2016-12-05


Staying productive, increasing efficiency and keeping the total cost of operations low are always at the front of a warehouse manager's mind, and they need to be taken into account when making decisions.

Getting the right equipment, staff and suppliers can help you achieve your goals, but there's one factor which is just as important - ergonomics.

The material handling trends of the last few decades have helped keep safety high and workplace accidents low, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. But protecting drivers from strain, repetitive movements and unnatural driving positions through forklift truck ergonomics can give similar rewards. 

If you want to find out:

  • How an ergonomic forklift can improve driver health and warehouse efficiency
  • What the experts say about ergonomic design in the material handling industry
  • Where essential controls should be positioned for maximum comfort

Then you should click the button below to download the full article. Happy driving!

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Topics: Ergonomics

Tobias W. Laxa

Group marketing manager



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