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Video: Is your forklift as adjustable as it should be?

Written by Jan Callderyd, 2018-08-23


As you know, forklift drivers come in all shapes and sizes, and a cabin that feels good and fits perfectly for one operator may be completely wrong for another.

It’s obvious that comfort plays a huge part in ensuring safety and keeping productivity high. So why shouldn’t you treat this as a priority? Especially when you consider that the driver takes up the majority of a truck’s total cost of operation.

That’s why you should seriously consider how much your truck’s cabin can be adjusted and customized to the individual driver. Features like adjustable steering wheels, floor heights, armrests and seats can seriously improve a truck’s ergonomics, regardless of who is driving it. Just see how large the range of adjustment can be in the video.

Trucks with this level of customisation
allow drivers to feel comfortable and reduce injuries, allowing them to focus on the job at hand, and making your life easier.

Everyday features like these can make a big difference to your operation – so if you’re in the market for a new truck, you should keep them in mind. If you’re interested in finding out what other smart features can increase safety and boost your bottom line, click the button to get our free guide: The top 6 ergonomic and safety features you should consider for your truck.Get your ergonomic features guide

Topics: Ergonomics

Jan Callderyd

Group Product Planning Manager



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