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Handling heavy loads at high heights - how the professionals do it

Written by Bengt Kristiansson, 2018-07-19

Densely-packed, high-bay warehouses are excellent at using floor space efficiently. However, they’re not necessarily easy to work in – lifting 1000kg+ weights to heights of well over 10 metres is a challenge, and places high demands on both drivers and forklifts.

But it is possible – and some companies haven’t just made this system work, they’ve seen major benefits.

One example is Britvic, a major British soft drinks producer, which runs a dense, high-bay warehouse in Leeds, England.

The company needed robust trucks which could handle their difficult material handling tasks and 24-hour operation, excellent service to keep uptime as high as possible, and high levels of ergonomics and safety in order to meet their own high standards and follow the law.

A combination of logistics analysis and simulation, truck modifications, an innovative battery changeover system and a comprehensive service agreement makes all of this possible. Better yet, daily tasks for the warehouse manager and operators have been made easier.

Want to know more about Britvic’s experience, and the details of how their improvements in safety, uptime and efficiency were made? Watch the video to get a taster, and download the full case study by clicking the button below.

Get access to the full case study

Topics: Case studies

Bengt Kristiansson

UniCarriers Europe Senior Advisor Sales & Marketing



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