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Not just trucks: How an all-round solution can boost your business

Written by Jonas Tornerefelt, 2019-07-04


Creating an effective materials handling operation is hard, and it's even harder if you have to deal with different supplier for your forklift trucks, fleet management solution, service and rental. Even with smaller fleets, juggling different suppliers can be tricky, and it means you have less time to deal with the most important thing — your operation.

That's why choosing a supplier that can offer all of these services at the same time is a good choice. Regardless of your materials handling issue, you have one point of contact at one company — not a network of suppliers who have to get involved. That's what Johnson Controls did. The team at the international company's UK logistics centre uses a fleet of UniCarriers trucks to make their materials handling operation possible. When you're the world's biggest fire prevention and security company, efficient logistics is vital. However, it's not just about the trucks - UniCarriers also supplies:

  • Warehouse design - Johnson Controls used the UniCarriers Logistics Analyser to design their logistics centre in 2016.
  • Safety solutions - Features designed to make the operation safer, such as safety belts, fork cameras and blue lamps, were all supplied by UniCarriers.
  • Fleet management - Truck-mounted Vehicle and Operator Management (VOM) terminals records truck performance and usage data and logs any incidents or damage during operation, and feeds the information back to the cloud-based fleet management system.
  • Service - A service agreement makes sure that Johnson Controls' trucks can get back to work quickly when something goes wrong.

In other words, services that could be provided by a number of different suppliers are instead provided by one - bringing all the efficiency and cost benefits that involves.

To find out more about UniCarriers' relationship with Johnson Controls, click the blue button below to get the full case study.

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Topics: Case studies Logistics Analyser Service Fleet management

Jonas Tornerefelt

Vice President Products, Marketing, Sales & Services



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